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DIY Packs

With our TPD-Ready DIY kits, it is easy and safe to create your ready-to-use DIY bases.
Each REVOLUTE kit contains a 100 ml bottle partially filled with 50:50 or Full VG base. One to six 10 ml boosters can be added to the bottle to create a base with the required nicotine content in perfectly safe conditions.

The procedure is simple and requires no calculations!
Each pack makes a total of 100 ml of finished product with the required nicotine content.
Simply pour the number of boosters in the pack into the small bottle of neutral base. The procedure is made even more simple by the dropper tip of the boosters which is easily inserted into the orifice reducer on the base bottle.

DIY Kit Base bottle Nico booster (20mg) Result
2mg kit 90ml base 1 x 10ml 100ml of 2mg base
4mg kit 80ml base 2 x 10ml 100ml of 4mg base
6mg kit 70ml base 3 x 10ml 100ml of 6mg base
12mg kit 40ml base 6 x 10ml 100ml of 12mg base

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